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"Zoe Keithley is one of the great
undiscovered writers in America."

C. Michael Curtis, Fiction Editor for The Atlantic Monthly Magazine

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"Zoe is a masterful storyteller. Her stories give us vivid characters and bold story-lines."


  • It's Here! Zoe's newest novel - Of Fire, Of Water, Of Stone: Jophiel's Story
    • "To weave a life of the authentic is Jophiel Balers' challenge a he confronts twelfth century obstacles of social upbringing, the deaths of cherished ones, of foreign languages, wars and religions while traveling the path of deepening through love, mind, heart and spirit."
      --C.Michael Curtis, Fiction Editor, The Atlantic Monthly
    • Witches and priests, noblemen and commoners, the Crusades, love and death and the wisdom of the Ancients: Zoe Keithley's remarkable novel opens up the Middle Ages and spreads it out for us in the 21st Century."
      --Bob Koehler, Common Wonders, Chicago Tribune.
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Zoe Keithley - Of_Fire_Of_Water_Of_Stone_Jophiels_Story

Of Fire, Of Water, Of Stone:
Jophiel's Story

A first person story of the life of an11th century English common man from Exeter, a blacksmith, scholar, soldierin the Second Crusade, two love stories and more that give him his growth and take him to his ultimate choices and solutions.


Zoe Keithley - The Calling of Mother Adelli

The Calling of Mother Adelli

In an exclusive Catholic boarding school outside Chicago, story-time is September, 1948. Former ballerina Mary Agnes Adelli, now a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart and newly appointed Mistress of the Third Cours, expects to make final vows in just nine months when a late registrant, a sixth grade student, Helene Rhenehan, enters her life...

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Zoe Keithley - 3/Chicago


"… in the morning the apartment smelled of buckwheat pancakes baking in the kitchen, paper-thin, wrapped over chopped cooked apples flecked with brown sugar. His tea sat steaming and full-bodied on the table. A little tune from his childhood sprang into his head to carousel away every unpleasant thought. He took a long breath. He had not felt so happy in years."


Zoe Keithley - Crow Song

Crow Song

...a powerful and ironic meditation on a lifetime's worth of relationships. These relationships are of many sorts: familial, romantic, erotic, aesthetic, spiritual and artistic. What they have in common is the simultaneously intimate and cosmic perspective in which Keithley views them. In this book we find a complete and satisfying portrait of a poet in love with life in all its forms, one that testifies both to the extreme demands the world places on us and to the dazzling rewards we may reap if we rise to the challenge.

Zoe Keithley - Write Your Self Well

Write Your Self Well

Write Your Self Well...Journal Your Self to Health is the book that heals. Chosen by Arts & Healing Network as one of the six best journals for healing in 2005, the book introduces a new, easy way to journal designed specifically for people suffering from illness and stress and for use by healthcare professionals. It is based on over 25 years of medical research demonstrating that journaling can boost physical and mental health and speed recovery.

Zoe Keithley

Writing Workshops, Coach and Editor

Zoe Keithley, Author and Writer

Zoe is a highly experienced, accomplished and published creative writing teacher trained in the exciting StoryWorkshop Approach created by John Schultz and used at Columbia College, Chicago where she received an MA Teaching of Writing degree. For more information about Zoe's background, please see her Curriculum Vitae.


  • Where: Sacramento Poetry Center, Sacramento CA
  • When: The third Saturday of each month, 12:00 Noon to 4 PM. (except April and August)
  • Who: Up to 16 attendees per session
  • How much: $20 per session

Each workshop meeting has a particular focus such as: Audience, Flashback and Use of Second Person. StoryWorkshop has produced impressive writers; among them is Larry Heineman, winner of a National Book Award.

Writing Coach and Editor:

Zoe is happy to work individually with creative writers as a coach and/or editor. For more information, please contact her at zkeithley@gmail.com

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Leaf tips raised to fire.
The familiar breeze, like a cat,
brushes the marked green spears.
Clusters of infant fruit
shine female under the brooding canopy.
Behind them, the thick trunk gnarls upward,
mounted by the ravening ivy.
My own yearning rushes out to meet me.
The beloved is everywhere.

- from Crow Song

About the Author

"Once you're lost in a good story, you're never quite the same."

Chicago born, Zoe now lives in California, but has not forgotten her beloved city. A graduate of Trinity University and Columbia College, Chicago, Zoe is a master teacher in writing. She has been writing, publishing and winning awards for over 30 years.


Writers: Katherine Anne Porter, Flannery O'Connor, Laurence Sergeant, Richard Wright, Toni Morrison, Peter Orner

Causes: Recovery, Nature, Freedom of Spirit, Hunger, Anti-War, NO Violence, Equality, Writing and Reading for All

Musicians: Bob Gibson, Anne Hills, Michael Smith, Jamie O'Reilly, Chuck Moré

Places: AASH, Chicago, Mt. Shasta, Sacramento, Boundary Waters, MN

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